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Launching a New Product
Easily plan our launch schedule and your "coming soon" teasers, to make sure your customers and prospects are expecting something fresh.
exciting content
Create Brand Awareness
Branding is everything. There’s absolutely no reason to neglect one of your main touchpoints at work, your outgoing emails.
Upselling and Cross-Selling 
It’s never been easier to suggest a product or a feature for your clients. elegantly place targeted ads in the everyday email correspondence with them, to let them know what else you’re up to. 
Promote events 
let your contacts know about upcoming events, link your signature banner to event info, registration or both. 

Marketing just got easier

Quick & Simple​​

Just a few minutes to add/change campaigns to the entire company, using a friendly interface

Unlimited campaigns

Run multiple campaigns, as many as required at no extra fee

Automatic rotation capabilities

Your audience will get a different email banner every time to make sure they’re aware of everything you have to offer.

Segmentation capabilities

Powerful segmentation allows you to create different campaigns based on sender, recipients, stage in customer journey or even language

Dashboard and Analytics​

Monitor your campaigns in real time through an informative dashboard that showcases the success of your campaigns

Cross Platform

suitable for Office365, G Suite, Exchange and more.

Powerful Integrations​

Optionally connect to your Marketing Automation system or CRM

Live feeds​

Automatically pull your latest tweet or Facebook post to keep your emails alive.

They loved it, so will you


We quickly realized that our 5,000 employees represent a huge potential for digital marketing…

The simplicity of the Impactia solution won us over. The distance between “I want it” and it’s up and running was very short!”

Amit Livni Marketing Manager at EL AL
Yuval Shani, CIO – Sixt.
  • Amit Livni,
  • Yuval Shani