One Signature Fits All – Adaptive Email Signature

Adaptive Email Signature

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Hey guys and gals,

Today we’d like to show off one of our absolutely glorious and astonishing features for our customers’ email signature.

We call it “Adaptive Signature Scenario” and sometimes we smile in our sleep thinking about it. Yes, our relationship with everything that has to do with email is somewhat troubling.

See, lots of organisations believe they’ve created a perfectly good email signature for themselves. But then they find out that one email signature has a blank line because one employee has no fax number, and the other has a blank line since he doesn’t have his own phone line, and things start to get a bit wobbly.

Isn’t it a shame?

Now, back in the day, at this stage you would go ahead and design eight different signature templates. One for employees with fax and no mobile, one with mobile but no phone, one with your website and phone but no fax, and, well, you see where we’re going with this.


And we don’t even want to think what you’d look like when you’ll have to change the logo in each template, WOW.

But then we came up with our ingenious adaptive signature with optional fields.

You can fill it, or not. Everything’s cool. It’s adaptive

If there’s no mobile, this field will just disappear from the signature.

One signature fits all. So all the possible signatures in the image above are created dynamically by using a single signature! Did we say adaptive?

Want one of those for yourself? Contact us!


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