Multilingual Campaigns Using Language Detection

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Hey, did you know we have an extremely great feature that detects the language your email is written in and attaches the banner in the same language?
It’s called intelligent runtime language detection but we just call it “Language Detection”, or Bob, on occasion.

Here in Impactia, for example, we find ourselves writing emails in English, Spanish, French and Hebrew all the time, and we know that our marketing materials work best if our recipients can actually read them, so to save some time and effort, we’ve created this killer language detection feature that automates the procedure.
Yup, we’re proud of ourselves, and today we’ll show you how to make it work for you, too.

First of all, let’s log into our Impactia account.
We’ll put in our username and password, and click Login:

After we’ve logged in, We’ll click on the Templates tab:

In order to create a new template let’s click on New:

Next, we’ll choose our preferable layout:

After we’ve clicked OK the template we chose will open in editing mode.

Now, we’ll insert the images, links and whichever content we want.
When we’re all set, we’ll click Save As and give our template a name.

If this is our English language banner, no need to do anything in particular, the default is English and this banner, given a rule, will automatically be the one that’s attached to your emails in English.
If this is our Latin language banner (which means French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or Romanian) and we’ve linked it to our content in that language and wish to add it to our emails in that language, all we have to do is give it the same name and add the caption _for_latin.

Another language our system detects and you can use in the same way is Hebrew, and in that case we’ll give our template a title that ends with _for_hebrew.
That’s it, now we’ll set a rule for those templates (if you need help with rules, check out this guide), sit back and watch our various emails being enriched in various languages!

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