Make Your Signature Banner More Effective

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What do you look at when you open an email? Researches show that when your eyes see a jumble of text and a shiny image, they go straight to the shiny part. That is, the signature and banner.

So yeah, the text is important and your customers will get there eventually, but you better make your banner good and effective, and here are 10 ways to do so:

1. When the eye immediately goes to the signature and banner areas, it is drawn to the text there, so make it count. The one thing you want your recipient to get from the email has to be there.

2. Make sure that there is a clear Call to Action in your email, and that it’s not only in the text you wrote but also on a banner.

3. That CTA? It should look like a button, framed and dimensioned.

4. A wide thin strip banner gets more clicks!

5. A banner in PNG format gets more clicks!

6. Rotate banners or change text every week.

7. Give the banner better visibility with a few layers.

8. Don’t forget to check out the analytics on Impactia’s platform: you can AB-Test a few banners and track the number of clicks.

9. Sign up for click alerts, that way you’ll know when the recipient read your email, a great time to contact them.

10. Use Impactia for Account Based Marketing, sending specific banners to specific recipients. Automation will make everything easier for you.

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