First Data about Business Email Usage During COVID-19

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1As we in Impactia process many millions of email messages every month, our research team has pulled a quick research to examine how business emailing habits have changed during the pandemic. The results are pretty clear.  

For every month starting March 2020, we saw an average 9% increase of email usage per person from the corresponding month in 2019!*  

That’s a very clear uplift, and it’s consistent among almost every subcategory examined. 

  • We’ve looked at 6 separate industries, they all had some increase per person. 
  • Same for separate countries.  
  • We saw a 23% rise in email volume during weekends 

The bottom line is pretty clear here – email is a rock solid communication means in the business world, and us marketers need to make sure we make the most out of it. Trying to realize what the NewNormal is, we should take into account it has an email address.


* In email messages leaving the organization (“external emails”). Impactia will have a closer look at internal communication later on, yet the former is more relevant to marketing whereas the latter focuses on brand strengthening within the organization.

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