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Today we’d like to talk about rotation.
In the B2B world, we frequently email the same people. At first, they will be excited by our signature banner, but after a while they develop what we call BB, Banner Blindness.
That’s why it’s really important to use this killer feature we’re about to praise today: Rotating Banners.

Let’s be clear: We’re not referring to the possibility of changing your signature banner every couple of weeks, which is also nice. Nope, this one’s a lot better. Technically speaking, it means you can upload a set of banners as templates, set a rotation rule and Impactia’s platform will embed the banners automatically and randomly in emails sent by your employees.

Other than preventing BB, the main reason for using rotating banners is that it will double (or triple, or more) the different marketing messages your recipients get. It’s not only one message you’re sending their way. There’s no need to decide whether to show them your catalogue, tell them about a new project, a new product, an event, some news or a piece of content you wrote. You can now show them all of the above.

Even if you have just one product or service, using rotating banners is a smart way to go. You can promote that one product with a couple of messages by using different copy, different graphics, different sizes of banners, change the location of banners in your email, thus preventing that nasty BB we’ve been talking about and reaching more audience.

We always had a feeling that the more – the merrier, but after putting it to a test and reviewing more than 8000 campaigns, we were amazed to see exactly how merry: Clients with two banners saw up to 42% more clicks. Clients with three different banners got as much as 67% more clicks..
We’ve even noticed that two different banners carrying the same message (with different graphics or copy) got significantly higher click rates.

So, to sum things up, rotate your banners. Sending three different banners each month works better than sending one message and replacing it every couple of weeks. Even if you have only one message you want to send now, send a couple of different banners with the same message and change the size, location, copy or graphics. The results will be immediate!

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