Account Based Marketing Using Personal Sequences

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Most customers use alternating templates or banners in their campaigns in order to promote various products, or to expose different aspects and advantages of a single product. We’ve actually been doing it for years. However, we want more, and Impactia customers deserve more, so we came up with a brand new exciting feature for you to use. Personal Sequences, enchanté.

Personal Sequences are a way to direct a campaign to each customer’s mailbox, keeping track of what message they had already seen, and creating a workflow, a sequence of messages that progresses with each email they get.  You can send your customers a series of messages in the order you want. It’s not just your usual round-robin rotation and general A-B Testing scheme any longer. Just think of the possibilities!

Take your customer Alex. Suppose you have a product A, an additional service B, and a related secondary product C.
On the first email message Alex gets a banner praising A.
Alex replies, and on the second email message Alex gets a banner praising A again.
Another reply, and the reply to that exposes a banner about B.
Then Alex gets a different email message, and this time it’s with a banner about C.
The next email will be sent with banner B and the next one with C, and you can where we’re going with this. The point is, it’s up to you. You can determine any sequence of banners.

If you wish, the same sequence can be applied to a different person in the same organization, say Tyler.
Regardless of what happens to Alex, Tyler will get the same sequence, A, A, B, C, B, C or whichever sequence you choose. Both Alex and Tyler would be educated about your products and services afterwards, and we all know they call the shots.

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