10 Ideas for Banners That Work

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So, you’re our client! Yay! Now what? You have the ability to use your email as a marketing tool. It sounds impressive, it is impressive, but it’s also very simple. Figure out what you want to tell the world about your company.

This list, we hope, will help inspire you and give you ideas for strategies that we and our clients found effective.

  1. Cross selling: when a client is interested in a service or product, it’s a good practice to let him know what other services and products you offer, and a banner does that in an elegant way.
  2. Up selling: someone just purchased a service or a product from you? That’s great! Maybe they would be interested in other things you do or sell?
  3. Event invitation: Let people know you’re participating in an expo, hosting a convention or celebrating something, link to an invitation, facebook event or more information about the event.
  4. Link to some content your company created: how about a recipe with one of your products, a review you wrote about a tool of the trade or an infographic you made showing some data?
  5. Link to service: easy and useful for your customers, link to your customer service.
  6. Let people know about a sale you’re having.
  7. Wish clients happy holidays.
  8. Tip of the day: You’re smart, you know your stuff when it comes to your line of work, present yourself as such, write a useful tip and people will remember you gave it to them, for free, when they might need you.
  9. In-house uses: reminders on how to use a certain tool, company events and news, tips for using a software or asking your fellow workers if they know an Ice Cream Machine Engineer.
  10. Company news: Your organization received an award? Your CEO was voted greatest dresser in the world? You have a new, wonderful smart platform for enriching emails? Let people know!

There, hope you’re all inspired and excited to start.

Need help with moving on from a banner to a campaign? Read our guide about rules, groups and banners, or watch this helpful video.

Don’t forget you don’t have to choose just one option, you can use as many banners as you want with our rolling template widget, and you can set rules if you want different recipients to get different campaigns.  


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