Infinite possibilities

primary features

Quick Setup

It takes just a few minutes to get you started!

Easy to use

Change/add campaigns to the entire company with an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface​

Unlimited campaigns

Run multiple campaigns, as many as required at No Extra Fee

Automatic rotation capabilities

Run multiple campaigns at the same time. Your audience will get a different email banner every time to make sure they’re aware of everything you have to offer

Segmentation capabilities

Powerful segmentation allows you to create different campaigns based on sender, recipients, stage in customer journey or even the language of the email – automatically detected! ​

Dashboard and Analytics

Monitor your campaigns in real time through an informative dashboard that showcases the success of your campaigns

Cross Platform​

suitable for Office365, G Suite, Exchange and more​

Powerful Integrations

Optionally connect to your Marketing Automation system or CRM

Live feeds

Automatically pull your latest tweet or facebook post to keep your emails alive

More features

Banner Placement

Adding a side banner tends to increase click rates by over 40%. Pick whichever side of your email you want to dress up, one or several

Contextual banners

Create a sequence of banners based on data and client’s journey

Click Alert

For your sales team – timing is everything. That’s why we made sure that your sales person can get an email when a recipient clicks on a banner

Review feature

Do you have a positive review? Showcase your positive reviews on your emails

Click to Call

Phone numbers in your signature are clickable

We can't wait to show you how easy it is to implement
all of these capabilities in to your next campaign

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