Why Your Email Signature is Important

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News Flash: People read their emails. Researches show that on average, employees spend 28% of their time reading and responding to emails. Number of email users, email accounts and email sends increases rapidly every year. We think that when you send a business email, chances are people will read it.

So, how do we leverage the recipients attention using the signature?

A branded signature, to begin with, will take you a long way. It’s not just John from the hood sending you an email, it’s John from the established-organization-that-has-a-professional-looking-signature.

Let’s say you’ve met this John and you spoke about his product a couple of weeks ago, and now you got this email.

Wait what? Do you even remember what his product was? And it’s impolite to ask, so there’s a real good chance you’d ignore his email until a couple of weeks later you’ll see something that sparks your memory and you’ll suddenly remember. Or not. But all of this was so much simpler if John has this banner at the bottom of his email, right?

He didn’t have to remind you. It’s all there. You can click and read more, it’s a matter of minutes before you can reply.

Now, you really need what John offered you and you’ve become a client. From time to time you’ll get an update or a bill, but what if those random emails have a signature banner that offers you tips on how to use his product? That lets you know they have other products you might be interested in? That announces a sale?

I’ll tell you what, you’ll be delighted, what an elegant way to keep a client well informed. Which may lead to further business.

Contact us if you want one of those really important email signatures.

That’s it for now, and if you already use our platform and need some inspiration, here you’ll find 10 Ideas for banners that work.

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