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Impactia finds a strong partner channel as a vital asset to our company and customer base. We work mostly with digital and advertising agencies, online marketing companies and Internet service providers (ISPs). Our authorized resellers program lets companies worldwide make money and enhance their relationships with customers by offering them innovative services that promote their marketing channels. 

We are always willing to explore new partnerships with those who possess the necessary resources and skills to approach and serve customers in their local or vertical markets. 

Our partners receive our utmost commitment which in turn provides them with the necessary training and tools they need to become successful. We recognize and respect our partners’ individual business models and will work to create mutually beneficial partnerships.   

Who can be a partner? 

If you have the passion to deliver innovative and effective solutions to your clients, that’s a good start. We welcome any business that has an adequate customer base, to offer our services. 

Resellers are typically from the following industries:   

  • Ad agencies 
  • IT services providers 
  • Digital marketing agencies 
  • Cloud services Providers & integrators 
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