How long does it take to integrate the solution?
Integrating the solution should take 10 minutes. The IT professional will get written instructions on what he must do to Implement Impactia. On our side, we need to activate the account, which also takes just a few minutes. After that, we provide an online 20-minute online product overview. We also have support materials for those who prefer reading.
What are the changes that need to be made on my side in order to successfully relay my emails?
The required changes are: • Changing the email route to the Impactia server • Adding the Impactia address to the DNS spf record • If required, providing the routing rules in the corporation’s Firewall
How can I start relaying my emails through Impactia?
The relay changes are performed on your corporation’s email server. The changes are made to route the organization’s emails to the Impactia server instead of sending them to the Internet.


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