Will Impactia delay my email delivery?
The overall overhead of the Rule and Enhancement engines is only a couple of milliseconds, which means the delay is quite negligible.
Can I assign only a few people from the organization to send enhanced emails, and not the whole company?
Yes, definitely. It is common for larger companies to only enhance messages from several employees. For instance, only emails from the sales and marketing departments. This is either done through the Impactia management app, or (if possible, set your email infrastructure to only route some of the emails to Impactia in the first place).
In what way is Impactia different from bulk mail?
The Impactia platform is targeted towards daily/everyday emails that your organization sends out. This is different from bulk email, since you are emailing “warm contacts”, who expect to get a response from you. These emails are sent to provide ongoing business services by the Executive Team, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service or other Departments. For example, when your customer service representative receives an email asking for pricing information for your product, your company will be able to brand themselves and cross-sell other products in the representative’s email response. This will increase sales and your website traffic.
How do you define daily or everyday emails?
Daily or everyday emails are emails sent out by every employee in the organization. These are emails usually sent out to your “warm contacts”. For example, a customer service representative sends out emails to respond to questions from customers. Using Impactia’s Intelligent Email system, the Marketing Manager can add banners, useful links and logos to all the emails sent out. Another example of a daily email, would be an employee writing to a business contact about a particular project they are working on.
What is Mass or Bulk Email?
This is an email sent out to a large number of recipients. Examples of this are Newsletters or promotional emails sent out to a group of recipients.
My company does not run any newsletter or email campaigns, nor do I have a contact list, can I still use your Intelligent Email system?
Yes. You do not need to have a contact list or an opt-in list when you use our Intelligent Email system. As soon as you set-up Impactia for your organization’s emails, you and your employees can use your email software exactly the way you did before. The only difference is that when the emails are sent out, branding and promotional messages that your company’s Marketing Manager has placed in the messages will be added. These banners, links or texts may include your logo, company accomplishments, tip of the week, a link to your catalogue, up or cross sale, a link to content, upcoming events and many more.


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