Is there a chance that I would be blacklisted because someone else using your service is sending spam from the same IP address?
We constantly monitor our servers to make sure they’re not blacklisted. We have several data centers, which are fully capable of routing the emails through different sites or IPs in case we need to do so, but that has never happened so far. Moreover, due to the nature of the product – emails are not sent in bulk, so each email is typically different. Therefore, emails powered by Impactia are easier to pass then bulk email.
Will my email be treated as spam because of the images?
Email deliverability spam prevention is an issue we take very seriously, as it is the core of our business. We do not use any external URL for content, instead use embedded images (which are less likely to be blocked by Outlook or by any other email client), and no internet connection is needed in order to see the message properly. Worst case scenario is that an image may not automatically be displayed, there’s no need to worry about the rest of the email. We also have recommendations regarding banner sizes, and our application enforces size limitations. We constantly take measures to maintain high levels of deliverability and to make sure our emails are not being tagged as spam.

Blacklisting & Spam

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