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  • Emails sent by your company employees have nearly 100% open rate
  • Transform employee emails into a powerful marketing channel
  • Deliver your marketing messages where it’s most relevant​
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Impactia’s marketing power

Increase your company revenue by inserting effective marketing messages into everyday business emails

  • Launching a new product?
  • Upselling to existing customer?
  • Promoting your next event?
  • Have exciting content to share?
Launching a new product?
Upselling to existing customer?
Promoting your next event?
exciting content
Have exciting content to share?

Powerful yet easy to use

Unlimited Campaigns At No Extra Fee

Run multiple campaigns, as many as required

Compatible to all platforms

Suitable for Office365, G Suite, Exchange and more

Unified And Professional

Whether the email is sent from your desktop, mobile ,or tablet

Automatic Campaign Rotation Options

Your audience will get a different marketing message every time


Create different campaigns based on sender, recipients, stage in customer journey or even the language of the email

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We quickly realized that our 5,000 employees represent a huge potential for digital marketing…

The simplicity of the Impactia solution won us over. The distance between “I want it” and it’s up and running was very short!”

Amit Livni Marketing Manager at EL AL
Yuval Shani, CIO – Sixt.
  • Amit Livni,
  • Yuval Shani

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